Kufsa-OT is an Israeli Based Business developed by an Israeli-American Occupational Therapist.

Our Kits promote healthy development in young children in a fun, simple and practical way! Giving the parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children while also helping them develop the skills and strength needed to achieve milestones later on in life.

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Handpicked developmental activities

offering many different options of activities to match every kid's preferences and developmental stage

Parent Booklet

Hebrew, simple instructions, Full of activity ideas using the elements in the kit and developmental information to help enhance the parent-child interaction


Printed pages from the "subscription only" activities on the site. Dozens of games and worksheets developed by an occupational therapist

?How much is it
only 45$ per kit! this includes all the above + shipping

The kits you purchase will be delivered to evacuated families throughout Israel through the community coordinators.

In addition, by purchasing a Kit from Kufsa-OT you are supporting a local business and a recruited family. Thank you! 

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To donate 2 kits for a total of 90$

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